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The final event in a series about value

A picture from the last event in the series of Socratic discussions about values which I and my dear friend and colleague, Di Ponti, facilitated recently. The specific theme for this event was "What makes a decision a good decision?" Among the questions we discussed in relation this theme was: - is a good decision the same as a sensible decision? Why do we sometimes feel that it is sometimes better to be "spontaneous" rather than "sensible"? Is the "spontaneous" element simply what makes the decision sensible in this case? Or does the "spontaneous" element add something valuable which is not well described as "sensible"? - how important are the consequences of a decision to our perception of the quality of that decision? Is it possible to be completely satisfied with a decision regardless of the outcome? If yes, what exactly makes us satisfied with the decision? - what is the best decision you have ever made? - wha