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Get-together discussion of Plato's "Protagoras"

People arriving at yet another Socratic philosophy event at Frederiks Bastion here in Copenhagen yesterday. Taking turns in pairs as Socrates and Protagoras we read a section from Plato's Protagoras where Socrates and Protagoras try to demonstrate that there is no such thing as weakness of will. If we eat that cake it is not because we are overcome by desire for the pleasure of eating it but because we consciously decide that it would be a good thing to eat it. If it truly is a bad thing to eat it and we do so anyway, it's because we don't fully understand that it would be a bad thing to eat it. Not because we don't have enough will power. After reading the text we had a great discussion with lots of interesting observations from real life. In particular, we were discussing the "art of measuring" which Socrates talks about in the text. If we consciously compare the value of eating the cake and the value of not eating it and decide that the value of not ea

Conversations about communities and friendship

R ight next to Freetown Christania here in Copenhagen a small, floating community has emerged called Fredens Havn (Harbour of Peace). Yesterday, a philosophy group I participate in went to visit them and listen to their stories. It was a hugely enjoyable experience! As so many other alternative ways of life, the community has been much maligned by the surrounding society. To me, meeting people like this is as least as interesting and exciting as getting a chance to travel to Athens two thousand years ago and talk to the Cynics or the Epicureans :-)