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More face-to-face philosophy!

Last Wednesday my friend, Di Ponti, and I held the first philosophy event in a series of three here in Copenhagen. The overall theme of the series is values and the goal is to inspire the participants to think deeper about values. Their own values, the values of society, what values are, how values are shaped - and similar questions. Each event is in the form of a Socratic group discussion. Among the topics that turned up at the first event were: When can we say that we actually have a value? If we constantly act contrary to a value, does it then make sense to claim that we have that value? Why exactly  is it so important to us that other people share our values? Even small, relatively insignificant values. How tolerant is it possible to be before we de facto give up our own values? It was great fun and we look forward to the next event next Wednesday! Since some of the participants were uncomfortable with pictures being taken the picture below is a picture of Di and me planning

A quick update from the author!

Apologies for the long silence. I have been busy working with face-to-face Socratic philosophy.  The photo below is from an event at Freetown Christiania here in Copenhagen. At the 25 year jubilee for Danish grassroots organization Øko-net in late January a wide variety of participants were gathered for two days for shared reflection on various forms of activism. As the opening act philosopher and activist Di Ponti and myself facilitated a conversation about conflict and unity in activist communities. Powerful stories were told and wise things were said. This coming Wednesday Di and I will be at it again - this time at Frederiks Bastion, Refshalevej 28, 1440 Copenhagen. This is the first of three events. The two others are at Wednesday the 15th of May and Thursday the 16th of June. All three events are from 4.30pm - 7pm and the overall theme is values and how we think about values. All thee events will be in the form of Socratic group discussions. Come and join us if you&#